Kappler® Fabric Types

Kappler® Fabric Types


(Z100 in Action)z100

Zytron 100 garments provide excellent physical strength and basic chemical resistance, ideal for applications where workers need protection from dry particulates and light splash. Color is Yellow

(Z100XP in Action)Z100 XP

Zytron 100XP is a new, tougher version of Z100 — the same excellent chemical holdout with stronger physical properties. Color is Blue.

(Z300 in Action)Z200

Zytron 200 ups the protection level through increased resistance to a wider range of chemicals and greater physical strength which is especially valuable in applications where rip-out is a concern. Color is Gray.


(Z300 in Action)Z300

Zytron 300 is ideal for demanding applications where there is potential for chemical splash. Increased physical strength and even broader chemical holdout take the protection level up a serious notch. Color is Tan.

(Z400 in Action)Z400

Zytron 400 is one tough customer, with excellent physical properties. It's also a bargain by comparison, with a broad range of chemical protection typically found in garments costing much more. Color is Dark Green.


Zytron 500 is top of the class — and the classic responder choice. It's tough, built for mobility, and based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight full hours against the
 ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough. With that kind of Kappler heritage built into the fabric, it's no wonder that responders around the world trust Z500 garments for ultra-demanding Level A and Level B applications. Available in coveralls and a range of total encapsulating suits. Color is Orange or Charcoal Gray.